Toward the 3D Virtual Cell

December 13-14, 2012

University of California, San Diego, CA

The University of California San Diego has been awarded a grant for planning a conceptual design for an NSF S2I2 Institute for Translational Systems Biology (ITSB) that emphasizes biological 3-dimensional (3D) structures from molecule to cell and addresses the sustainability challenge.

Translational biology is faced with cyber-infrastructure challenges related to data accessibility, software development, software reuse and sustainability on scales not seen before. We are challenged to creating new algorithm development and analysis tools that can operate on an increasingly large, diverse, complex, and widely distributed body of digital biological data.

The virtual 3D cell will provide the scientific framework to collect and disseminate software associated with all aspects of molecular and cellular biology in a way that can be understood by practicing scientists.

The ITSB will become a hub through which diverse practitioners can contribute, gain knowledge and interact.

We hope you will attend the meeting where we will ask you to be a part of addressing the following questions:

  • What are the grand-challenge questions surrounding whole cell modeling?
  • If these scientific questions are addressed, where do you see your respective area of research 5 years from now?
  • What computational impediments do you see to meeting the challenges?
  • Are there sociological and other impediments in meeting the challenges?
  • Do you believe that an open democratized resource (the 3D Virtual Cell) of maintained software (akin to an App store), data, educational materials and available community experts would be a useful contribution?
  • What could you contribute to the 3D Virtual Cell (3DVC)?

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