Other Workshops

list of upcoming non-DELSA workshops of interest and relevant to DELSA (with indication of whether DELSA participating/present, and links to remote sites with more detailed info. E.g., Israel trip, including BigRoc seminar at Weizmann on April 2, Seminar at Technion on April 3? US trip: Brookhaven Lab seminar on May 21? Europe trip: 10th Anniversary meeting in Greece, HVP meeting, 3rd Annual meeting in Delft, next-next Europe trip – Vural’s meeting in Turkey – Maggie has info on all of these)

Past Events

list of previous DELSA events and links to summaries, reports, press releases, etc. (e.g., DISW-1, Seattle, WA in 2010; soon, DISW-2 @ Bethesda )

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