Multi-Omics Metadata Checklist

[Image of the Multi-Omics Metadata Checklist]Biological processes are fundamentally driven by complex interactions of biomolecules. Integrated high throughput omics studies enable multifaceted views of cells, organisms, or their communities.  To ensure transparency and to maximize reproducibility of life sciences studies, we provide a simple omics metadata checklist utilizing the rich ontologies already in use by the community. This checklist will guide experimental design, capture important parameters and facilitate data publications and sharing. Information collected through this checklist will enable data harmonization, comparative meta-analysis and integrated research. 

Below is a web-form implementation of our checklist. By entering your email and completing your form, you will receive a formatted pdf copy with your entries, ready to be added to any data submission.  If you would prefer an offline format, click here (PDF, .docx).   Please click on the following links for completed forms:  a proteomics checklist,  and a metabolomics checklist.