Bioinformatics and Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery in the Beginning of the 21st Century

OMICS A Journal of Integrative Biology, Volume 15, Number 4, 2011
Roger Barga, Bill Howe, David Beck, Stuart Bowers, William Dobyns, Winston Haynes, Roger Higdon, Chris Howard, Christian Roth, Elizabeth Stewart, Dean Welch and Eugene Kolker


Bioinformatics is increasingly a data-driven science. Future success for life scientists will depend upon the ability to leverage the large-scale data. By adopting the advances in information technology made by fields that have already faced the type of inflection point bioinformatics face, such as cloud computing, we believe bioinformatics can weave the computational environments that exist today into a solution for our data problems. In our breakout discussions, we examined the current state of the field, current barriers to research, and concluded with an examination on the role of cloud computing to support bioinformatics research.