About Us

DELSA’s purpose is to build and promote a sustainable ecosystem of professional societies, funding agencies, foundations, companies, and citizens together with life science researchers and innovators in computing, infrastructure and analysis with the expressed goal of translating new discoveries into tools, resources and products.

Today, thousands of research groups generate tremendous amounts of valuable data that are narrowly disseminated and thus significantly underutilized. To address such a grand challenge, DELSA proposes a transdisciplinary approach by integrating expertise across life sciences and computing, industry and academia, cyberinfrastructure and analysis, and policies and media.  Our goal is to connect leaders and stakeholders to accelerate development of new insights and innovations that can more rapidly address global societal needs.  

Organizational chart for DELSADELSA provides the ecosystem with the sustainable support and accountability necessary for successful transdisciplinary collaborative initiatives. The organization utilizes initiatives that connect researchers, consortia, associations, institutions, societies and interest groups in a coordinated framework to address grand challenges in science, education, environment, energy, ecology, food and healthcare.

DELSA’s role adds value through:

  • Supporting its partners as they secure funding for specific, data-driven projects
  • Securing funding for sustainable DELSA core and community-wide operations
  • Consulting with researchers and innovators on initiative development and funding strategies
  • Arranging resources for connective and translational initiatives
  • Monitoring, measuring and reporting on the progress and impact of initiative outcomes